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      FundsRecovery is an investigative and consulting service hired mainly by victims of online fraud to help them get their money back.

      FundsRecovery is an intelligence gathering community that specialises in Crypto Assets Investments recovery, risk mitigation and claims assessment.
      We provide Consultations for Chargeback Cases (Binary Options, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Forex, Altcoin, Data) and other funds recovery programs thorough investigative work.

      Contracts thereafter are subject to retainer charges or commissions depending on the individuals’ claim report history and particularly, the nature of the services rendered.
      Hackersdom does not offer any financial investments or advice here and the services provided by us are strictly for financial chargebacks that are guaranteed and entirely legal.

      Since Inception, Fundsrecovery and DatRec Services has been able to Chargeback over 8 million USD in Crypto Assets Investments scams worldwide. 

      “Our mission is to restore as many victims who was affected back to their Financial and Psychological status before they ever started trading or investing in these scam companies”

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      • Hourly Rate: $110.00/h
      • Rating:
      • Experience: 15 years
      • Projects worked:
      • Country: United Kingdom