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      How to Remove Bad Links and Negative Review from a Website and the Internet

      No Comments Jun 6th, 2020 by admin

      How to Remove Bad Links and Negative Review from a Website and the Internet

      How to remove bad links from a website and the internet.

      When you understand how SEO works, you can use different tactics to increase your visibility in search results. To increase your website’s presence in search results on search engines like google, it is important to know that links can significantly impact your search presence either positively or otherwise.

      There are different techniques to building a link, they include; black hat and white hat link building techniques.



      White hat technique is very low risk to carry out and it usually falls within the webmaster guidelines laid by google and other search engines. Usually it means you only use ethical tactics and follow search engine guidelines.

      A few examples of white-hat tactics are:

      • Creating content for your website personally.
      • Promoting your website to relevant people in a genuine way by writing personalized messages.


      This technique directly violates search engine guidelines. It seeks to take advantage of loopholes in the search engine algorithms and rank websites higher than they actually deserve to.

      It is a term coined to describe a computer hacker. A few examples of black-hat tactics are:

      • Hidden text on a page that is only shown to the search engines, not users, typically full of keywords.
      • Adding hidden links to websites by exploiting a security flaw.
      • you can hire a hacker to help you remove the bad links and maybe a negative review.


      It is important to know that good links will impact your website in a positive way in search rankings, while the bad links will most likely impede a site’s ability to rank. You want to avoid google penalties as much as possible. This is because, they frown at bad links from the beginning, but didn’t have a system for fishing out the culprits.



      Backlinks are very crucial to your SEO strategy. When your website attracts several backlinks from various authoritative websites, it acts as a stamp of approval. It tells search engines that others regard you as a trusted source of information.

      This, in turn, helps them decide if your website is worth ranking high in search results. The quality of backlinks is becoming all the more crucial since the introduction of Google Penguin in 2012. The main purpose of Penguin is to identify and penalize websites that indulge in questionable backlink practices.

      When your website has numerous bad backlinks, it puts your credibility into question. It indicates that you have resorted to unnatural or suspicious means to acquire those links.

      As a result, it triggers Google’s spam filter and may get your website penalized. Your website is likely to experience a massive drop in search engine result rankings and may even get banned by Google. This can be very harmful to the growth of your business and makes it necessary to remove bad backlinks coming to your website.

      In 2016, Google made Penguin a part of their core search algorithm. It now monitors websites in real-time to detect any possibility of spam. This has made it all the more crucial for website owners to remove bad backlinks regularly.

      Before you learn how to remove bad links on your website, you should know the different types of bad backlinks, so you know which ones to remove. Below are some of the links that may cause google to penalize your website

      • Links from foreign guestbook
      • Private blog networks (PBNs)
      • Directory submissions service
      • Blog comments
      • Press release links
      • Discussion forum links


      There are many tools for removing bad links, some are free while others are paid. You can search for bad links you sing Google search console (Google webmaster tools). There you can see the list of websites linked to your site. You can also hire a hacker to help you remove bad links, you can contact the admin for this.

      If you notice it is a very low quality site with hundreds of links, it may be a bad page to be associated with.

      Without further ado, we will be discussing three tools in this article.

      1. Rmoov

      Rmoov is a very easy to use backline removal tool. It very easy and straightforward tool out of many tools available.

      How to use Rmoov

      • The first step is to provide your website’s URL and a valid email address on your domain. Your website’s URL and valid email address is a safety measure that prevents unauthorized users from removing backlines on your site.
      • Rmoov will then take you to the actual backlink removal tool. Here, you will need to upload the URLs that contain harmful backlink to your website. Don’t forget to enter the URL of the specific pages or posts that contain the links. To make the whole process faster, you can simply upload a CSV document to bulk upload backlinks to the tool.
      • When the URLs are set, click on “save domain data”. To begin your project. This will in turn, will initiate Rmoov to send removal requests to the domain owners of the URLs via email.
      • A disavow report can be created from the “campaigns” pages. This report can then be forwarded or submitted to Google Disavow Tool for manual clean-up.

      It is important to know that Business plan for Rmoov starts at $49/month for five campaigns and 100 unique domains per campaign. Agency plan starts at $399/month for 50 campaigns with unlimited domains per campaign.

      1. Liquidator 2.0

      Liquidator 2.0 also provides an easy way to clean your website from bad backlinks. It streamlines the process from backlink discovery to disavowal. It is very easy to navigate on liquidator 2.0

      How to use Liquidator 2.0

      • From the dashboard click on “Add your new campaign” and enter your website’s URL.
      • Click on the “start” button, the tool will automatically proceed to identify low quality backlinks that affect your search engine result rankings
      • Similar to Rmoov, you can Liquidator 2.0 to create or generate a disavow file to Google.

      You’ll however need to pay for every backlink you process on the platform. The pricing for Liquidator 2.0 starts at $32/month for 3 domains and 300,000 backlinks and, $179/month for 5 million backlinks and 10 domains. You also have an option for a custom plan where you can pay per backlink and domain.

      1. Monitor Backlinks

      Monitor backlinks is a comprehensive backlink monitoring tools. It can track backlinks for 24 hours, perform a backlink analysis and monitor your competitors. It a very responsive and fast web dashboard

       How to use Monitor Backlinks

      • The first step is to queue your domain for backlinks analysis. Link your Google analytics account and assimilate your website data. You can add your domain details instead.
      • Click on “Backlinks” section to view every backlinks that points to your site.
      • Click “Filter” and “All warnings” to scan your website for bad backlinks that trigger low search results.

      Monitor backlinks pricing starts at $25/month for 2 domains and 2,500 links. You also have an option for a custom plan.

      It very important to keep a clean backlink profile. It is essential to successful SEO. Make sure you use reputable backlinks building services. Always pay close attention to all your website backlinks, make sure you disavow or remove bad links regularly before it’s too late.