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      iphone remote access

      iphone remote access

      Project description:

      I’m looking for remote access to an iphone 12. Would like to be able to access the following:

      a.) Live Call Recording
      b.) Spy on IM (WhatsApp, WeChat, snap chat, facebook, messenger, etc)
      c.) Ambient Listening (background sound recording)
      d.) Track Text Messages
      e.) Multimedia Files (pictures, audio and video files)
      f.) Location Tracking
      g.) Track E-mails
      h.) Web History
      i.) Call Notification

      How long would I have access to this info, how would I be able to view this info and how long would it take to get this access and how much for the job, I’ve been previously scammed by a game hacker and lost over $1500 so my funds are tight and limited and would like to know if you can provide verification of this job being done