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      Project description:

       Credit Cards

      I have diversity of credit cards need to be fully settled in three different countries Hungary, Qatar, UAE. The amount withdrawn time, banks’ names, and country are the following: –


      1.       Országos Takarót Pénztár – OTP               Year: 1999

      2.       CITI Bank                                                        Year: 1999


      1.       Qatar National Bank – QNB                       Year: 2007


      1.       Emirates NBD                                               Year: 2020

      All needed information for querying status of all mentioned above credit cards will be provided to the person who successfully won the tender.

      Evidence: –

      Generate clearance certificate from the banks systems and send it my email to show that process had been done as it would from the bank.

      Mobile Phone Bills

      I have pending amounts of mobile phones bill needed to be fully settled at the two telecommunication providers Qtel and Orreddoo and remove my Qatar ID from blacklist at these two companies with closure of the lines.= if it is not closed.

      Qatari ID number which is reference in these two companies will be provided to successful winner of the tender.

      Evidence: –

      Generate email from the two services providers the clearance and closure of the lines  to my email.

      Credit Bureau Report

      Amend the credit report scores in Hungary, Qatar, UAE

      Evidence: –

      Generate reports and send it to my email from the authorities to my email

      School Fees Settlement

      In full Settlement school fees for two sons in UAE

      I can check on my profile


      Social Security (Dman) – Jordan – Amman

      Several Tasks needed :-

      ·       Settle year 2021 in full for the current registered salary

      ·       Settle the amount of years was stopped due to not payment at leas the most recent stopped three year backward.

      ·       Amend the salary increments back ward to let current year salary reach 2000 JD

      I an check on the system ..

      Criminal Records and Court Cases

      Delete all criminal records in Hungary, Jordan, Qatar and UAE (Dubai and Federal) and eliminate it as it would be not registered.

      Delete all register court cases under my name and ID in UAE, Qatar, Jordan, UAE (Dubai and Federal) in Justices, Pubic Prosecution, Dubai Court Roler (Legal Dept and HR Dept), Dubai High Dispute Committee